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Social Justice Full-Time Staff

Valerie treasures the era she grew up in which was that of civil rights. She feels this was an era where young adults of all races and classes were empowered to be leaders and stand for social justice – no matter what the sacrifice. As a teenager and young adult she suffered physical, domestic abuse but amazingly her mind remained strong. Bad choices and decisions through her adult life put her in several life-changing situations. So when she was sentenced to two years in a federal prison about 10 years ago, her compassion grew for prison ministry and outreach. In prison she organized choirs and small groups and went out of her way to allow women in prison to treasure the gifts they were given, despite their situation. Upon her release, she envisioned a prison outreach ministry and with the help of her church, Highly Flavored Ministry was established. All of her energies are spent empowering today’s generation, moving them to not be complacent but to make notable differences in their immediate communities.
Val Carr
Program Administrator
Tevin contributes teenage “life-struggling” experiences to this consulting team. Raised primarily by his mother, he is very familiar with hustling in the streets. Tevin has done it all! Selling drugs, guns and other illegal substances are a few of his teenage pastimes. Many times he found himself as the leader of the pack directing his “street” business in “street” fashion. He also managed to overcome depression and was often told by some family members that he “would never amount to anything.” He proved them wrong. He is a living miracle and approaches mentoring in a very realistic and real way. He is now married to TyAisha, is the father of three and is a minister. Tevin is well respected by younger boys in “his hood.” He has mentorship certification and also has a certificate in Parenting and is a nationally certified Arise Life-Skill Master Trainer.
Tevin Gardner
Director of Activities and Programming
TyAisha grew up in a “seemingly” perfect world; she was a church baby and a good student in school with an “outward” sunny disposition. So when she tells stories of things she really went through as young as 12 years old, one is surprised. She has lived through various forms of abuse as a teenager, been involved in relationships with gang members, been in cars during drive-by shootings, just to name a few. She has dealt with teenage depression and threats of suicide. By her senior year in high school she was pregnant with her first child. She is now married to Tevin. This certified mentor has incredible drive and passion to be sure young people do not make the same mistakes she did; she has the awesome ability to mentor both male and female. Ty is a certified mentor and she also has a certificate in Parenting and is a nationally certified Arise Life-Skills Master Trainer.
TyAisha Gardner
Senior Mentor/Board

Special thanks to the additional Social Justice part-time volunteer staff:
Andre’ B. Adams, Denita Adams, Joan Delaney, Kiahnna Key

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