About Us

Our Mission

Highly Flavored, Inc. is a community-based organization committed to assisting in the leadership development of children and teenagers in at-risk situations and/or communities through life-skills management training, empowerment programs and mentoring support services.  Highly Flavored, Inc. participants develop the skills to make wise choices and contribute in a positive manner to their communities.

Our Logo

The large omega wrapping around a smaller omega represents the mentoring relationship between a caring adult and a child seeking to unlock and fulfill his or her potential.  The omega logo is taken from MENTOR.  Highly Flavored, Inc. is listed at MENTOR’s website to solicit adults 19+ to become mentors for this organization.

MENTOR is an online community that gives extensive support to organizations that make mentoring the focus of their programming.  Highly Flavored, Inc. has used tools from this online organization to help structure various mentoring programs.

Our Current Projects

Arise Life-Skills Management Lessons for Children and Teens

Highly Flavored Ministry Prison Outreach Newsletter

Mentoring for Children and Teens

Social Justice Youth Leadership Summer Program

Our Brief History

Highly Flavored, Inc. was a prison ministry birthed in 2000 and obtained its 501(c)3 status from the federal government in 2003.  In 2004, Highly Flavored, Inc. created an outreach mentoring project focused on aiding at-risk teens and young adults within at-risk situations or communities.  The mentors from this project work to successfully establish relationships with at-risk youth through one-on-one mentoring, empowerment film festivals and workshops and other positive activities.  In 2008 Highly Flavored, Inc. turned its energy into the leadership development and empowerment of children and teenagers.

What They're Saying About Us

We encourage you to read the Post-Tribune article written by our friend and supporter, Jeff Manes, regarding the social justice summer program.

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